Web Design is an Add-On product from GNI MLM Software. The GNI MLM software provides trendy MLM Website design relevant to your site with their MLM software. We provide unique designs for your website’s attractive business as you suggest. We also integrate the design in large Content Management System. We use HTML5, CSS3, and ExtJS to convert the basic models. HTML & DHTML, Flash & other animation tools, designer software along with Photoshop / CoralDraw tools used to bring best presentable website design along with database driven home page & user personalized web pages.

The Language on the website will be English, Incase if any other Indian or foreign / regional language replication required, will be an additional than this assignment.Filling in forms like Feedback, inquiries, queries etc also provided which will be delivered to database reports and email ID of the administrator or specified email ID.



HTML5 is a requirement of the W3C, which describes the fifth major change in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The new features in HTML5 use special functions for the incorporation of design, sound, film and entertainment records.


CSS3 change is mainly provided in CSS level 3, in the introduction of modules. This technique also allows companies and user-agent to assist areas of requirements but retain their value at a minimum of bloating only help these modules are added. For example, a public text content is not necessary to include modules that determine how a component is going to track creatively. But even if he did not provide sound modules, it would still be a compliant device CSS 3.


This is an open source JavaScript library for building web applications using active methods such as DOM scripting, DHTML, and AJAX. It is simple to use and very user-friendly.

Core Value


Clarity builds trust & trust builds successful collaboration.


We work with Honesty, Passion, Focus, Respect and Joy.


We challenge, overcome and act to stay ahead


We take ownership and deliver to a high standard.


Our people are our success, we develop, trust & recognize them. We work smarter, not harder.


Redefine the core areas of focus & being responsible for on-time delivery of our projects.