An Overview of Multifaceted Microsoft Office Apps

Here’s a technical overview of Microsoft Office applications such as the Visio, Publisher, Access, Outlook and Project to help us understand the purposes of these apps that we can never do without. In a rundown, let us briefly discuss the features and components which explains why these Office programs of Microsoft captivate the fancy of countless users.

Microsoft Visio

This is defined as a diagram and vector graphics application. It was first launched and introduced in 1992, which has been innovatively created by Shapeware Corporation. However, it was acquired by Microsoft in the year 2000.

Unique Features

Visio 2013 was the first ever product for Windows which was easily available in two distinctive editions. These are uniquely known as the Premium and Standard ones. These have harmoniously share the same type of interface. On the other hand, the Premium Edition both possess some added templates that include highly advanced diagrams and layouts to name a few.

The 2013 edition of Microsoft Visio has sophisticated capabilities to easily link diagrams and their essential data in a graphical representation format. Meanwhile, the Premium version capitalizes itself with additional diagram types alongside the so-called intelligent rules, data breakdown and so much more.

Last year, the 2016 edition of this intriguing app was historically launched to the public. This user-friendly program has few added features as compared to its previous editions. These proudly include a one-step connectivity with the following exciting components such as Excel Data, information management rights protection and more electrifying shapes for office layouts among others.

Microsoft Publisher

Publication is just an icing on a cake with Microsoft Publisher. This is unanimously referred to as an entry level publication app. To differentiate it from the other Microsoft programs, its main concern is all about page layouts and design.

The Publisher is compatible with the popular LibreOffice after more than two years of intricate pilot testing and explorations in order to determine its weaknesses and strengths as a viable office product.


The Publisher is equipped with a proprietary file format which is better known as the pub. Subsequently, this is mainly supported by a Corel Drew X4 features, an Adobe Pagemaker that conveniently save your files in a pub extension. In like manner, it generously supports several different file formats. One of these is no other than but the Enhanced Metafile format.

Microsoft Access

This is known to many as a Data Base Management System that jives together the relational Microsoft Database Engine with a GUI and numerous development tools. As far as its data storage capacity is concerned, it is format based; no more, no less. This means to say, that it is based on the foundation of the Access Jet Engine Database System. One of its special functions is that it imports links directly to another series of applications and databases.


This kind of application can easily create tables, queries and reports. After which, you can integrate it with macros depending on your needs. Its VBA feature is included in order to easily write rich solutions with the following advancements like user control and advanced data manipulation.

Access is equipped with a report creation feature. This can best work with any data source that an Access app can easily access.

Microsoft Project: A Brief Overview and Features

This is a project management software program that is designed to assist users when it comes to performing the following tasks: plan development, assigning of relevant sources to tasks, workload analysis and the like. A worth exploring feature of this app from Microsoft is that it accurately calculates the WORK COST. It rolls up a particular task level and then add any task summary and a certain project level.

Microsoft Outlook: A Rundown of its Dynamics

Outlook is a personal information manager which is a vital part of a Microsoft Office suite. Some notable features include the virtual calendar, task and contact manager and it is commonly utilized as a web browser. Thus, it can be a standalone app for jotting down notes and for your journal needs. An Outlook jives well with two major servers which are the following: The Micro Exchange Server and the Microsoft SharePoint Server for multiple undertakings.

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