How to Take Care of Your Overweight Baby – 4 Baby Care Tips

It is true that chubby babies look very cute, but you have to be a little extra careful when it comes to baby care for overweight babies. For example, the first thing that is very important for you to find out is how chubby is too chubby. Your awareness is the key factor. The more informed you are the better care you will be able to provide to your little angel. You must monitor the weight gain changes during the first four months. Too much weight gain during this period can be very problematic at a later stage. Another situation that pulls babies into an unhealthy cycle is when they are too plump to move around. A baby who is too chubby to move tends to gain weight more quickly, which will make it much more difficult for her to remain active. So, the basic idea behind baby care for overweight babies is to slow down the process of weight gain and put her within an unhealthy cycle. Following are four tips that you may find very helpful in this regard.

Every Time A Baby Cries Does Not Mean She Is Hungry

This is a very common misconception especially among new mothers – every time their baby cries, they assume she is hungry, which is obviously not true. There can be several reasons why a baby cries – she might be feeling sleepy; she might want you to play with the mother; she might be in pain; and obviously she might be hungry. But, you are strongly recommended to feed your baby only when you are sure that she is hungry. Feeding an already overweight baby when she is unhappy, bored, or sleepy (but not hungry at all) will inculcate wrong habits in her. She may get accustomed to eating for wrong reasons. So, the first baby care tip for you is that you should feed your baby only when she is hungry.

Seek Expert Guidance To Make Dietary Adjustments

When it comes to making dietary adjustments, you must consult your doctor first. The doctor will first examine the baby and then provide you suitable suggestions accordingly. For example, if the baby has gained too much weight, they may suggest you to try a lower calorie formula.

Use Water

If your baby is a little older and does not have any problem in sucking, you can use this formula to meet the low calories purpose. A good baby care tip in this regard is to give her a bottle of water to satisfy her needs without feeding extra calories.

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