Black Titanium Wedding Ring Says “I Do” and “I Always Will”

Gold wedding rings have been around for a very long time. Ancient Romans were said to exchange wedding rings, and the practice has survived to this day. But how have we gone from simple rings of gold and silver, to something as complex as a black titanium wedding ring?

Wedding rings have always been a visible reminder of the vows taken by a married couple, but the ring itself has previously stood for more. Rings were often considered part of the dowry exchanged in a wedding ceremony. The line “with this ring, I thee wed” was often proceeded by “this gold and silver, I give thee”, whereby the groom would present his bride with a small purse of coins. The ring was meant to show that a couple would be financially able to support themselves – if they could afford the ring – that is, in those days, if the man could afford the expense – then he could afford to be married, and care for the household and eventual children.

The ring is traditionally worn on the left hand, but in previous times, some cultures insisted that the right hand was the best place to wear a band symbolizing your marriage. The right hand was used whenever you would give a pledge or vow, and was seen as the hand of truth. The left hand was seen as unequal, and the word “sinister” originally came from the Roman word for “left handed”. However, the left hand originally won out over the right as the hand to display a wedding band, as it was believed that the “vein of love” travelled through the left ring finger, and that a wedding band over this direct connection to the heart was more symbolic of the love shared by the couple.

The most common wedding rings are made of gold, often with a mix of copper, silver or tin. Less common are platinum rings, mostly due to the expense; white gold rings are a good stand-in for platinum, as they cost much less, but tend to consist of a cheaper alloy covered with easily worn-out rhodium plating.

Titanium is a fairly new addition to the wedding ring market. This “space age” metal, once solely used for spy planes, satellites and submarines, has worked its way into the jewellery market. It has become a popular option, due in no small part to its light weight, strength, and the variety of colors it affords. And with new heating processes that can imbue titanium rings with a number of wonderful and personal colors, the black titanium wedding ring is a wonderful way to keep the old traditions alive, but allow your own personal style to shine through. Just like your marriage, you don’t want to do things, just for tradition’s sake. You want to take those old ways, and adapt them to make the most of your lives together.

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