The Five And A Half Solution

With the world teetering on the edge of darkness where global tensions continue to escalate the one resounding certainly is that every substance vital to modern day life as we have been so accustomed to will soon be enormously expensive. So expensive in fact that for millions of not only Americans but millions the world over, instead of progressing into the 21st century will be thrown backward. All the industrial staples that go into the technological advances that we are using right now are all becoming more valuable. This only increases the cost for everyone. Industrial staples like copper and aluminum that wiring, pipes, engine blocks and even airplanes are all made using these elements. Silver is another element that is necessary for flat screen TV’s, cell phones, touch screen computers and a whole lot more of other personal electronics are all going to get a allot more expensive because of the increasing value of the elements that goes into almost every electronic device.

Molybdenum, chromium, manganese, zinc and nickel are all used to augment the steel that goes into bridges, skyscrapers and drilling rigs. These too are all increasing in value which makes it all the more expensive to build, drill and repair. Talk about rising food prices; well potash and phosphate that farmers depend on for crops are also becoming more expensive to use which translates to yet another reason why food prices keep going up.

In automobiles, the catalytic converter more than 75% of the cost of a $700 converter is in the platinum it uses to turn the cars exhaust into less harmful emissions. In just eight years form now the global platinum supply will be so depleted that the cost for just this element will jump by more that 8 times higher than it is today. That catalytic converter will then cost over $4,200. The rising costs are already affecting millions of people because so many can’t afford the modern cars of today.

The process to extract copper, silver and other precious metals are all becoming more costly. It was over one hundred years ago that miners could easily extract these metals but today for example to find copper nuggets miners have to blast, crush and process over 41/2 tons of ore rock from a pit of over 4,000 feet deep. The process to extract all these metals is becoming more expensive to do which means that for every item made using or has these metals even as a small component the manufacture of electronics, airplanes, pipes, wiring and food are all increasing in costs.

When so much of the earths elements are extracted that go into manufacturing, growing food, and burned for fuel energy consumption without being replaced or alternatives used in their place keeps these elements increasing in value which in turn makes everything else that much more expensive. Eventually what is going to happen is that for millions the world over the price or availability to afford any modern technological devise let alone food is going to be too expensive. The result is too disastrous to even contemplate. Massive famine, and in general a world plagued by abject poverty where only a vast minority will be able to afford the technology, food and convinces of living in the 21st century. It is already happening in places around the world today. Places like Somalia, other African countries and Haiti, are prime places where abject poverty has already displaced millions of people.

Maybe Einstein didn’t use this equation, but none the less, as mankind consumes and depletes more of the earths resources for the technological advances that are taking place today we have to remember that depletion rates always accelerate proportionally as time goes on. This equation resonates the critical need to usher in the energy of the Third Industrial Revolution before more of the earths resources are gone forever leaving a global catastrophe in it’s wake.

The selfishness of man is ever present today. For some it’s the all consuming thirst for more power, control and wealth. This is so obvious today in the United States where wealth begets more wealth which in turn equates to power and more control. Our political process has morphed into a reality that ensures only the wealthy remain in power and control over the majority of Americans. There has to be a moral obligation to uphold that the earths most precious resources be available for future generations to use with discretion rather than by the gluttony of today’s power elite.

The market value of metals and other components that go into making the products for use or consumption like that equation are driving humanity onto the brink of an abyss where millions will likely fall into while few others won’t even come close to the edge. When so few are able to enjoy the advances that technology can bring is a direct result of what is transpiring today. Instead of following basic sound business principals industry has inadvertently created an elitist environment which will eventually turn against itself. In the meantime more and more multitudes of people the world over will succumb to the reality of no longer able to pursue or enjoy the advances of what technology has to offer. The harsh reality of today has in fact conjured images of past atrocities where evil intentions reigned all hidden by cloaks of deception and deceit which cascaded terror over so many.

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