Easy Ways to Impress a Girl

Every guy wants the best looking girl in the nightclub or the party. Be it a clumsy club in the suburbs of Mexico or a high-class nightclub in London, the scene of a beautiful blonde surrounded by good-looking guys asking her for a dance or opting to buy her a drink never change. But not all are lucky. 70% of the guys accept they didn’t make proper moves to approach the girl they liked in the pub.

What if there is another chance to make up for your messes. Online after party applications, offer that second chance. You can start talking to the hot girl you met in the party through online chat. If you are capable enough, you can keep them indulged for hours. Daily chatting through such social networking sites will help you know all about them. The next step is to create casual visits. Meet them accidentally now and then. Use your creativity to plan the accidental meetings. Chisel your moves to get closer to them every time you meet them in person.

Be Stylish

Dress to impress. Groom yourself properly. Develop the habit of visiting parlors regularly. Looking handsome and beautiful is the first step to grab attention. Girls like Men who are capable of cooking well and dancing well. Improve your cookery skill with a short course and learn basic dancing. It improves your posture, ads to your style. Take the girl to a party and impress her with your elegant dance moves. Share a good lunch you prepared with her. Invite her for a dinner you prepared in your house and seduce her with a slow dance.

Know the Girl World

Don’t bore the girls with your sports interests and biking adventures. Never bring up the topic of your previous girl friends even by mistake. Shower worthy compliments. Women love to show off their Handbags, Mobile phones, shoes, perfumes and lots of other accessories. Be shrewd enough to note the new things they are using. Appreciate them on their choice. Accompany them to shopping trips if they invite you. Learning more about girl world is important to impress them.

Listen to them

Girls love to brag about their problems. They seriously love men who do not take any steps to solve them. Seems like the sentence is typed wrong? Most of the girls are quite capable of solving their own issues. They brag about it to the boys because they want someone to hear it. Don’t set out like a knight in armor to solve it.

Just hear it and enquire about how she solved it in a couple of days. Appreciate her generously. She will be impressed. Help her only if she asks directly. Don’t hesitate to visit her when she calls. This makes girls believe they are important to you. Use online chatting, text messaging and all other technological advancements to keep in touch always.




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