Unique DJ Service Trends in 2012

The business of performing as a professional mobile disc jockey has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Now, more than ever, it’s not just about the music and the sound quality, it’s about the services a DJ can offer. The more unique and unconventional, the more club bookers and event coordinators want to hire them and the higher the fee a DJ can command per gig. 2012 has certainly seen its share of unique DJ service trends. Here are three of the most popular:

1. Colorful LED Uplighting – Thanks to the increased demand for a club atmosphere at more and more events, most DJs are now offering LED uplighting with their event entertainment packages. Gone are the days of lugging around large, bulky, disco-balls. Now DJs prefer to work with much smaller, lightweight spherical units commonly referred to as rotoballs. They can either be hung from the ceiling or set on the ground where they will mix and spin colorful LED lights up, down and all over the dance floor. Even with stationary ceiling models, DJs are able to manipulate dozens of beautiful colors using a variety of programmable effects to heighten the overall visual experience and compliment the music.

2. Photo Booths – Over the past few years, photo booths have been popping up at a growing number of weddings, parties and other events. Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to take home a souvenir to remind them of all the fun they had at an event? The fact is, photo booth technology has become so sophisticated it’s hard to imagine why any event host wouldn’t want to provide one. Backgrounds and photo strips can easily be customized to match the décor of an event, photos can be uploaded instantly onto the internet or streamed live on video screens during the event and later, after the event has come to an end, the photos can be burned to DVDs for the host to take home and enjoy forever. Unfortunately, renting a photo booth can be very expensive. Thankfully, in 2012, Disc Jockeys have gotten hip to this trend and are providing their own photo booths as part of their complete entertainment package for a fraction of the cost an event coordinator can expect to pay renting a booth from a separate company.

3. Versatility – In order to compete in 2012’s highly competitive mobile DJ market, many DJs are expanding their skill sets and challenging themselves by accepting gigs that they’re not accustomed to working. In addition, they are expanding their knowledge of other cultures and religions and even polishing up their language skills so they can perform for more diverse, multicultural audiences.




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