What Makes a Professional DJ and Mobile Disco

Being able to ‘mix’ 2 tunes together is what all DJs first learn to do, however there is a lot more to being a professional DJ, and even more to working with a mobile disco.

I’m going to start talking about the DJ and what skills and contributions they need to take to any gig, whether it’s for a bar / club or with a mobile disco. A DJ should normally turn up to any gig well dressed, unless there is a specific dress code to follow. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would look if a DJ turned up to play at a Wedding wearing jeans and a T shirt, and everyone else is in suits and dresses! It doesn’t matter what the gig or occasion the DJ should be well motivated and enthusiastic as this reflects on the audience. The eyes of the DJ should be looking around and assessing the audience to decide what music to play, when to use the microphone and to gain respect. Judging what type of music will work best should be thought of from the start and when the audience is either sitting down having drinks or maybe as they enter the venue. If people are tapping there feet or singing along, this will be a sign that the DJ is playing the right sort of music. Before the gig find out what sort of age group will be attending the party and if anyone has any special requests and dedications for certain individuals. Giving someone a shout out and then playing their favourite song will make them feel really good, and this will also make the rest of the audience feel good and excited. When a DJ uses the microphone they should be polite and not swear as this sound very unprofessional and may offend people. Making the audience feel welcomed and special by interacting with them by music and use of the microphone will keep them dancing all night long! If you’re playing a song which has got the dance floor rocking don’t cut it short. You have heard the expression ‘don’t change a wing team’ right? If you’re playing 12″ mixes, I would recommend to play half the song then mix in another to keep the audience interested and dancing on the dance floor. Remember the ‘aim of the game’ is to keep everyone on the dance floor!

For any DJs who work as a complete mobile disco need make sure their equipment is good quality and modern. The DJ will need, at least speakers and moving lights to scan the dance floor. Don’t buy cheap equipment! If you cannot afford to get brand new quality sound and light equipment I would recommend buying 2nd hand but make sure the equipment comes with service history (has been PAT tested). Anther option is to hire the equipment. Ok, so its not the cheapest method but if and the equipment is faulty, the hire company should go out to the venue and replace any equipment. Whatever the occasion I would recommend checking out the venue before to see what sort of size the room is and determine how much sound and light equipment is required. Mobile discos need to look good and there is nothing worse than lights which can’t cover the dance floor and speakers where the sound distorts because they’re to small for the venue. This will effect party atmosphere, so don’t cut any corners! It takes around 1 hour to setup and test run a complete mobile disco, so turn up nice and early to your gig!


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