5 Easy Tips to Take a Perfect Pet Picture

Did you know that April 11th is National Pet Day? Now we all can celebrate the love pets bring into our lives, as well as raise awareness of animal issues such as adoption and animal rights and ethics. Show your best buddy how much they mean to you by taking a special portrait picture of that cute face. But make sure you know the top 5 tips for photographing your pet to avoid making common mistakes.

5 Easy Ways to Take a Perfect Pet Picture
Capturing your pet’s true personality in a photograph can be a little difficult. They keep moving around, sniffing the camera, and seem to always have glowing eyes. There are a few easy things you can do to ensure your pet looks their best in every photograph.

1. Get down to their level. Looking down from above may be how you see Fido, funny dog portraits but the camera flattens the image and can’t capture that perspective. Instead, place them on the couch or a table so that the camera is at their same level. You can also lie down on the ground, looking up!

2. Use treats and toys to get your pet’s attention! This works best if you have a photographer’s assistant with extra hands. You snap the shots while your helper holds your pet’s gaze at just the right angle!

3. Choose a background. The couch or dog bed always make a great backdrop. Or choose a painted wall, grass or sheet, which has a contrast to your pet’s coat. Try to avoid white dogs in front of white walls.

4. Use natural light. This will bring out the best color and detail in your portrait. If you can’t photograph outside, place your pet near a window with soft light. Avoid direct sunlight, which can burn out color, and keep the camera at an angle to the window. Straight on can make the subject too dark. Also, avoid the flash, which will wash out their color and give them red-eye!

5. Get your pet at their best. When do you think your pet is cutest? Do they have a great profile, or goofy smile? Do they do a special trick? Or sleep funny? Think about how you see your pet at their best, and capture it!

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