Private Aircraft Charter From Teterboro Airport

No one really needs to be told of all the benefits that private air travel has when compared to flying the airlines. That’s why for travelers wanting to depart New York City, the idea of flying on a private jet out of Teterboro sounds like the perfect getaway plan. Because of its proximity to Manhattan, only 12 miles from midtown, it is one of the top growing airports for private charter flights in the country. If you’re thinking of flying privately out of Teterboro, here’s some information that will come in useful.

The first thing you should know is that it isn’t the only airport in the New York area that handles private jet aircraft – it’s just the closest and most convenient. If you’re willing to drive a few extra miles to White Plains, Morristown, Farmingdale, or even Allentown, PA, you may save yourself some money. There are several air charter companies that base their airplanes on the outskirts of New York City and instead of paying extra money to have them depart those airports and pick you up at Teterboro, you can simply drive to them and save money on your trip. That said, the convenience of flying in and out of Teterboro can’t be understated and for private charter to or from New York, it remains the airport of choice.

The next step is finding the right airplane for the trip. Locating the safest, Wyvern-approved operator should be the first priority. Beyond that, you should find an airplane that’s a right fit for your trip – nothing more or less.

For example, West Palm Beach is a popular charter destination from Teterboro. Most flights that head south only have a few people on board, so it goes without saying that a Gulfstream or any other heavy jet is an unnecessary airplane for that trip. Looking at it from another angle, trying to squeeze 8 passengers and a week’s worth of luggage into a Lear 60 may not be the wisest choice of airplane because it will feel like a sardine can in there. The point is, if you’re going to spend extra money to fly privately, make sure you spend it on the right airplane. The tricky part is finding it.

Many charter operators work with a limited fleet of airplanes. Typically, these airplanes aren’t owned by the operator themselves, instead by a private owner that has an arrangement with them to use their airplane for charter. Oftentimes, the best airplane to fit a client’s itinerary isn’t available. Instead of pointing them towards another operator, they’ll quote the client for a larger, more expensive aircraft. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s simple business, but usually the client isn’t aware that there are several options available that could save them money on their trip.

This is where a charter broker comes into play. They’re there to make sure you’re getting the most value for your dollar when it comes to chartering a private airplane by doing the legwork on your behalf. They contact as many qualified charter operators as possible that will offer competing quotes for your trip and the operators, when dealing with a broker, usually offer more competitive quotes than if dealing directly with the client because they know that the broker is likely in touch with their competition.

Upon receiving your itinerary, your broker will search out the correct airplane and negotiate competitive prices. Some brokers will keep you fully informed during the entire process, passing on information as they receive it, while others are a little more hush hush about their practices. Some people simply don’t want to be bothered and trust the broker to look out for their interests. However, if you’re chartering an airplane for the first time, try to find a broker who is transparent about how they solicit quotes and whether or not they have arrangements with operators. Make sure they provide as much information as possible while searching for quotes. Simply put, when you and your broker find the right airplane, they will take care of arranging for the charter and setting up the flight with the operator.

The biggest thing travelers aren’t aware of is the difference between round-trip, one-way, and empty-leg flight. Whether or not you’re flying one-way out of Teterboro or round-trip, the charter operator will charge your round-trip rates. There are exceptions to that general rule of thumb, however be aware that if you rent a jet from Teterboro to West Palm Beach or Los Angeles, that airplane has to get back to its home base and you, the charter client, pays for that return trip. That means if you plan on chartering a jet from Teterboro one-way, expect to pay the same price as a round-trip flight. Most operators offer empty-leg flights as a way to fill the airplane on the return leg of those one-way trips. If the operator sells an empty-leg flight its pure profit and therefore the discount to you can be substantial.

Compared to other metropolitan areas, there are actually quite a few empty-legs flights between New York and Florida, especially in the winter months. You just have to keep in mind that empty leg flight are often canceled or changed to accommodate the client who is paying the full round-trip rate on the originating flight.

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