Concrete Countertops – The Innovative Solution You May Have Overlooked

Concrete Countertops – The Innovative Solution You May Have Overlooked

Not any more, as more and more kitchen renovation experts are incorporating concrete counter tops as a part of their overall design when undertaking a client’s project. If you flip through those glossy home renovation magazines you will find that some of the most spectacular kitchen counters are made from concrete.

In the past concrete countertops were avoided by some renovation experts because they felt they were not as stain resistant as other typically used materials, cookware solution but improved sealer technology has changed all that, and modern concrete counter tops are every bit as durable as granite and similar materials.

One of the great selling points of the concrete countertops is that they will be crafted from scratch and unique to your specifications, not a mass produced piece found in kitchens throughout the neighborhood. Concrete countertops can be crafted in any shape and any size, more info please visit sites:- making the design possibilities almost endless.

Another great advantage of the concrete counter top is that it can be made in almost any color with the addition of dyes and pigments, which means that you could even have a kitchen renovation expert match the color of your new counter tops to that of your favorite curtains, or even a set of cookware of which you are particularly enamored.

As with granite, concrete counter tops will benefit from resealing every few years to retain their original beauty, but if you are looking for a kitchen remodel that is innovative and unique to your home, concrete adds flexibility and durability that is hard to beat.


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