Coffee Gift Basket Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Coffee Gift Basket Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Coffee gift baskets make wonderful gifts for the coffee lovers in your circle of friends and family. Even if you are not a coffee lover yourself, you can learn a few interesting things about this popular beverage by putting together a coffee gift basket. Yes, it’s always a good idea to assemble it yourself rather than buying a ready-made one because you can add your personal touch to it and make it unique.

A coffee connoisseur is a bit different than a regular or occasional coffee drinker who thinks Java is just another drink. A true coffee lover seeks excellence in their morning cup. They strictly adhere to quality, aroma, fragrance, as well as presentation. You should keep that in mind as you create your coffee gift basket. Why not surprise the aficionado with your astute appreciation of the art of coffee drinking?

So what will you need to create an ultimate experience for the recipient? At the very least, you should include premium-grade beans, a grinder, espresso and a few accessories in the gift basket.

Let’s start with the beans. You need to get the best, which is none other than the Arabica coffee bean, the choice of connoisseurs. Arabicas grown in high-altitude jungle-shaded conditions are the cream of the crop. These beans produce the finest quality beverage. Look for the label “100% Arabica.”

Grinders are an essential part of the art of coffee drinking. It’s important to grind the beans right before brewing a pot as ground coffee rather quickly loses its flavor and aroma. Most likely the recipient already owns a grinder or two. Therefore, find something unique to include in your gift basket.

A mug and a thermos are also great accessories to add to the coffee gift basket. It’s a good idea to purchase high-quality items and personalize them to make them unique.

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