Creating Web Logs (BLOGS!)

Web logging is one of many the ways people are making a killing on the Internet these days. It is better and popularly known and coined as BLOG. extraweb To better describe it, a blog is more like a personal account, diary, or an entry of a journal. It’s where one can post almost anything at any moment of everyday. Born more as a journal. People came to realize a large audience who love reading personal experiences has been attracted. Thus came the idea that blog could actually bring in financial benefits. Many successful blogger have, which is key, is to have a traffic to you site. Audience, readers and followers of your experiences, and your blogs juicy information.

Have I mentioned blogging is fun? Yes damn right it is. From scratch, I’ll teach you how you will be creating your own blog site. maakeberget Your first entry the toughest though. To be a blog creator you’ll need to know and learn all the program features. After your first entry, it’ll be a piece of cake for you to add your next post. You will need to be more frequent on adding more entries so that your blog gets indexed by the major search engines.

This article takes you through several section of step-by-step of very important aspect of creating a blog from start to finish. Very simple steps, sections which could take only a few minutes. You’ll need to go through each step and section. Skip not one step or section unless you’re already familiar with it. Remember what this article is, a discussion on how to create a blog from scratch. Providing you a better understanding how each step is important. klabuil We will be discussing Detailed Objectives creating a Profitable Blog. Setting Up a free blog account using I will teach on how will be posting your first blog and adding more.

How to Build a Successful Blog

Building a successful and professional blog certainly not just posting daily entries, there are things you need to focus in to and get inputs like;

A) The Look. Look is equal to style. How your blog will appear to the internet residents which will be your audience.

B) The Content. This is second to your considerations. amliavisa What you will be posting about? Will it be about your daily encounters, your life circumstances, or will it be about your experience a certain company’s service or product, or just about funny anecdote and commentaries you want to share? This is where you want to realize if you’ll want this blog be generating you addition or extra income?

C) Consider your audience. Although generally this blog will be personal and limited to your own motives. We have to admit we all love to catch attention and be heard, hence we you need to write post that will captivate and easily understood and readers easily relate to it, although not necessarily.

D) Make it interactive. This is easily achievable by placing videos and audio clips (podcast). Place an area where your audience be able to leave a comments, reactions, impressions on your post.

E) Do not complicate your blog. It is important that your blog must not be boring your readers. Most of this internet resident are just passersby, scanning and scrutinizing pages after pages. It should be your objective attracting them and encouraging them to check back on your site. You can do this by sticking to simple facts and short posts.

F) Be social. The popularity you have achieved with social networking site will be handy. Post comments on other blogs and get popular by build link to other blogs. Share your blogs to your face book, my space, twitter accounts and get audience from your friends. Make them your followers.

G) Be prepared to create your blog.

Dedication. A great blog is a product of one’s dedication. Time and energy gives positive results, it is essential to your blogging. Although you’re just a beginner this can barely be notice if you have the time updating your blog three (3) times a week. It will make your blog appear more functional to your readers. The more post you will be making the more visitors your blog will have.

Prevent getting ahead of yourself. It is best to have established one blog at a time. Before you creating several more blogs that are not getting the attention and traffic. Remember that if you’ll create another blog it’ll be requiring you more time and energy.

keep same subject on your blog. co-mestring Changing your content and title frequently will keep your site getting indexed by search engines.

We will break down the blog and the income it will generate:

Main Body: It is your article or entry about the subject or interest you wanted to post.

Header: This would depend on the template that you’ll be choosing. There are those where you can add and post your Google AdSense and earn every time people clicks on what’s advertised.

Now let’s start creating your blog.

Free Blogger Account

On your browser address type in It is important to remember that you must have a Gmail email address to be allowed to create a free account.

Enter your Gmail email address and password on the upper right of the page then click on sign-in or continue.

Before you start typing just about any title on title field know that this will be displayed as the title represents describes your blog.

Then you will be asked to type in a “Blog Name” for your URL address. Once your blog gets indexed you will find your blog on the web by typing “”. It is best that your blog URL is an SEO keyword. It would be easier and faster to index your site. Meaning, your blog is easy to find on the web. But you need not worry about this for now. Even if it’s not an SEO keyword it’ll not affect your site positioning on the web.

Once you have entered your Blog Title, and Blog Address URL, click “Continue”. Now choose your Template layout. Tick the template you liked and then click “Continue”. Congratulations. You now have a website. You have just created your blogger free account.

You can now start posting.

Click “Start Blogging.” or “Start Posting”, then a post editor will show on your screen. Which would have the following;

Title- This is different from your blog title. Post title must always be related to your blog title.

Posting Editor- There is where you can type in or paste your pre-formatted entry or post.

A. Publish Post – Click this button once you’re satisfied with your entry.

B. Save Now – Click this button if you want to still make some polishing on your post.

Your initial post is not necessarily long or as captivating. It can only be a few paragraphs. You can then make interesting short follow-up posts. Post something that would intrigue readers to wait for the follow up posts. This can be a couple of short sentences, a paragraph or two.

You can now start creating your blog and get as many followers you can on the web. Happy blogging.


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