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Compensation Plan

MLM Even / Odd Up Plan

Among other plans offered by GNI Soft Solutions, Even/Odd up Plan is also the most essential and reputed one. This dual compensation plan holds group members in both the boundlessness lines. Of course, you will be going to earn an unlimited payout for sure. Its other benefits include:

  • The unlimited number of fixed referrals
  • The unlimited number of the even referrals given to you
  • The network becomes widened

Let’s have a look at both the systems one by one before opting for MLM Software Punjab with this plan.

Even-up system

In this system, there is a straight-line, in which there will be n number of downlines. Each downline will give you a commission. Moreover, you will also obtain all even referrals of the downline from all levels. The criterion is that you give many referrals to the upline you have. However, the main thing is that you are giving even referrals only. The direct fixed referrals you have will begin a new downline member and give even referrals again to you.

Odd-up system

While on the other hand, an odd-up system in this plan includes uneven referrals, which are the fixed referrals you have. These will commence a new line that can be extended to infinity. In addition to that, fixed referrals will also possess odd and even referrals. This is why they will pass all of their even referrals to you. Another benefit you will get is that the even referral you get, you will get everyone’s even referrals up to unlimited numbers.

The procedure begins from a fixed line and is going to cover all types of even lines for you. This is the manner, in this process, you will get a strong downline known as Power line for you.

So, are you ready to take charge of this plan for your MLM software? If yes, then Contact the GNI Soft Solutions, the most renowned Software Development Company in India.

More Features


GNI MLM facilities to view the downlines in Graphical representation view as a Genealogy tree, You can easily view and manage the downlines details

Backup System

The Backup feature allows you to create a backup MYSQL file that is a copy of your database that can only be restored in to site.

Multiple Currency

GNI MLM supports multiple currencies to provide services to all global customers. Everyone has the ability to choose the currency they prefer.


GNI MLM Commission structure can be defined for each level, and make the structure could be a strong MLM feature that motivates your affiliates

Back Office

GNI MLM provides all the tools and able access downline genealogy, determine their current qualifications and current earnings, tracking the order

Fund Transfer

In today’s modern world, people are always on move one place to another for fund transfer.Instant payment services are the immediate requirement for everyone